Spectrum Web
Avenir Health's premier analytical tools developed to support policy decisions concerning public health.
The Lives Saved Tool (LiST) estimates the impact of scaling up maternal, newborn, and child health and nutrition (MNCH&N) interventions in low and middle income countries.
The AIDS Impact Model (AIM) estimates key HIV indicators for a country or region. It includes output by age and sex for people living with HIV, new infections, AIDS deaths. mother-to-child transmission, ART coverage and more.
The demographic foundation for all of Spectrum’s health modules. Here you can directly project the population for an entire country or region based on assumptions about fertility, mortality, and migration.
FamPlan projects family planning requirements needed to reach national goals for addressing unmet need or achieving desired fertility. It can be used to set realistic goals, to plan for the service expansion required to meet program objectives, and to evaluate alternative methods of achieving goals. The program uses assumptions about the proximate determinants of fertility and the characteristics of the family planning program (method mix, source mix, discontinuation rates) to calculate the cost and the number of users and acceptors of different methods by source.
RAPID (Resources for the Awareness of Population Impacts on Development) is a projection model that highlights the impact of rapid population growth (high fertility) on a countries ability to meet its desired social and economic development objectives.